Sunday, December 9, 2018

Return to La Paz!

This year in La Paz, we were blessed with the best weather we have ever had there. The sea was calm with a glassy surface, minimal current and good visibility. We also had a couple of exceptional first time underwater sightings.


At Los Islotes we were delighted to frolic with playful Sea Lions, but were even more blown away by the massive bait ball of Sardines that were there shape shifting around the island.

Another first was the night Mobula Ray dive.

Here we descended to about 40 feet and gathered around an eerie green light that attracted millions of tiny fish and other microscopic critters. Sting rays and Puffer fish scooted around munching in the sand at our feet, while squadrons of rays jetted in from the darkness swooping around us in a feeding frenzy.
In addition to these exciting dives, we also explored 4 different wrecks and snorkeled with Whale Sharks.


The Sea of Cortez always delivers exciting marine encounters and just when you think you know what to expect, it delivers another surprise! That is why we keep coming back.


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